Custom Pipework For This Old Classic Ford Edsel

Classic car exhaust systems come in all shapes and sizes. Many classic cars still have thriving industry of support services, with companies able to supply all manner of parts. Sometimes though, the parts can be hard to come by or are very expensive. This classic American Ford Edsel was with us recently for some classic car exhaust system fabrication work.


The owner wanted to keep his exhaust in top condition without spending a vast amount of money. We inspected the old system and found that in fact, the exhaust silencers were in pretty good shape, but it was the associated pipework and brackets that were letting the side down. This is a surprisingly common characteristic that we've written about before on other cars such as Lexus.

Our workshop head and fabrication specialist Martin created a completely new system of pipework, while still retaining the existing silencer parts. He was able to re-use the silencers and then using our Pearson pipe bender, specialist plasma cutting equipment and his talented welding skills, he was able to transform the old exhaust into a system that will keep the Edsel on the road for some time to come.

Many people worry about the cost of exhaust repairs for classic car exhaust systems, but we find we're often able to help keep these old classics going in a post effective way.



Toyota Hi Ace Twin Outlet Exhaust

We were contacted last week by our friends at G Force Wheels in Middlesbrough to sort out their cool Toyota Hi Ace van. It's an old-school 1980's Toyota HiAce that's been restored by them for general deliveries and running about. It's in great shape, especially considering it's age and the fact that most Toyota commercial vehicles suffer an awful lot of wear and tear. This one seems to have escaped being used by a builder or roofer and is pretty rust free. However, the same couldn't be said for the Toyota HiAce exhaust system.

At some point, someone had decided it would be quite cool to have a twin outlet exhaust system on the van. No problem there, except that their attempts were pretty dreadful. G Force inherited the previous owner's efforts, so brought the HiAce across for the exhaust to be completely overhauled.

Pretty grim previous HiAce exhaust attempt
Pretty grim previous HiAce exhaust attempt

Martin got busy with the plasma cutters and removed the corroded attempts. Quite how this HiAce managed to breathe out at all was a mystery. It took a few hours of work, but Martin used our Mig welders and Pearson pipe bending tools to create a brand new system that should help the classic HiAce for many years yet.

Toyota HiAce exhaust with twin outlets
Martin's new twin outlet Toyota HiAce exhaust

Martin's favourite thing on the Hi Ace? The column change gearshift, something that Toyota dropped from their commercial vehicles a good few years ago now. Have you got an old or unusual vehicle you need an exhaust system for? Drop us a line, we love working out solutions to unusual exhaust problems!

The G Force HiAce van, pretty cool 1980's Toyota
The G Force HiAce van, pretty cool 1980's Toyota
New twing outlet tail pipes
New twing outlet tail pipes

Golf GTi With R32 Rear Bumper

Added the smooth R32 style rear bumper to the Golf GTi is a great idea. However, this means that your exhaust system will no longer fit... We solved that issue for this customer by fabricating a new rear system that replicated the R32 exhaust system at the rear. Adding a neat pair of stainless steel rear exhaust tips completed the look, the finished installation looking really very smart, even though we say so ourselves.





Mark One VW Golf Cabriolet With 20v Turbo Engine

We love the classic style of the original Mark One Golf GTi. This cabriolet came to us recently for a full stainless steel exhaust system. The owner had installed a full 20 valve turbo engine conversion and needed a custom made exhaust system to fit.

We fabricated 2.5 inch system in stainless steel from the turbo backwards. Finishing with a single silencer box and a custom stainless steel finishing tip, we were very pleased with the result, a cost effective system for the car's owner.


Hayabusa Engined Mini custom made exhaust system

Hayabusa Mini Custom Exhaust

Whenever we have an unusual car in our workshop, we always try and take a picture, both as a record for ourselves and also to share with you. We've been gathering a bit of a backlog recently, so here's an unusual car we saw at the end of last year.

This custom Mini has had the A Series engine removed and a Hayabusa motorcycle engine transplanted in it's place. The keen eyed amongst you will also spot that it's no longer front wheel drive, that's a differential casing you can see sitting under the tail. We created a complete, bespoke, exhaust system for the car's owner, from the exhaust ports all the way to the tailpipe exit, creating pretty much everything from scratch using our Pearson pipe bender, plasma cutters and welding / fabrication skills. The new system sounded great and we loved it. So the next time you hear a high performance motorcycle engine coming, but can't see any bike, just look out for this Mini, it could be the culprit!

1964 Ford Capri Exhaust System

Classic Ford Capri exhaust system. We manufactured and fitted mild steel system excluding manifold. We also fitted mild steel flange to manifold to suit system. This type of work comes with a 12 month guarantee.

Ford Capri Exhaust
Ford Capri 1964

Grey Import Honda CRX Exhaust

Here's some images of a Hionda CRX grey import. We salvaged and repaired the back box pipe work, the silencer was in good condition and is not available to buy off the shelf. We also manufactured and fitted a stainless steel front pipe, again because you cannot buy Honda grey import exhaust parts off the shelf.

Honda CRX
Honda import exhaust

1938 Riley Kestrel Classic Car Exhaust System

This 1938 Riley Kestrel had a new system manufactured and fitted in house made from stainless steel system excluding manifold & front pipe. We fitted stainless steel flange to manifold to suit system. The customer asked for a system that would last a long time, with our stainless steel systems we offer a lifetime guarantee as long as customer owns vehicle.

Riley Kestrel Exhaust
Classic Car Exhaust Sytems

Porsche 924 Custom Made Exhaust System

The Porsche 924 is still a very popular modern classic. We manufactured and fitted new 2¼” s/steel mid & rear sections to this one, including a new centre box.

Porsche 923 Exhaust

Custom Made Porsche 924 Exhaust

Suzuki Vitara Exhaust Repair

This Suzuki Vitara needed an exhaust repair. We removed corroded flanges and replaced with new braided flexi pipe, allowing movement between the two sections. The cost effective alternative to replacing one, if not both catalytic converters.

Exhaust repair to a Suzukii Vitara