BMW Euro Look Exhaust System

The Euro Look style doesn't leave much breathing space for an exhaust system if you live on UK streets with forecourt ramps and speed bumps. The owner of this very nice 320D Cabriolet came to us with a request for a full, custom made exhaust system that was as high as possible and with a hidden outlet to enhance the look of the car and minimise the chances of it catching. Here's some images of the system in place that we thought you'd like.


Exhaust outlet turned down at the tip and hidden
Exhaust outlet turned down at the tip and hidden
Hidden exhaust outlet
Hidden exhaust outlet
The full, hidden exhaust in stainless steel
The full, hidden exhaust in stainless steel



Tractor and Plant Machinery Exhausts

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While we may not have the capacity to fit a John Deere tractor onto our workshop lift, we do have an increasing number of customers wanting exhaust components for tractors, plant and other machinery requiring exhausts. The lead time and cost of some original equipment exhaust parts for plant machinery means that we have become quite busy, either supplying custom made exhaust sections for machinery or supplying individual components for farmers and other machinery operators to fit in their own maintenance operations.

If you operate plant and machinery requiring exhaust system repairs, we can help with individual components, complete custom assemblies or quality aftermarket exhaust parts, just call our main telephone number of 01325 362271

Mark One VW Golf Cabriolet With 20v Turbo Engine

We love the classic style of the original Mark One Golf GTi. This cabriolet came to us recently for a full stainless steel exhaust system. The owner had installed a full 20 valve turbo engine conversion and needed a custom made exhaust system to fit.

We fabricated 2.5 inch system in stainless steel from the turbo backwards. Finishing with a single silencer box and a custom stainless steel finishing tip, we were very pleased with the result, a cost effective system for the car's owner.


Croft Nostalgia Weekend - A Must For Classic Car Fans


Our local racing circuit is Croft, just a few miles south of Darlington. Last weekend, we spent a very enjoyable Sunday at the annual Nostalglia Weekend event, with a great combination of historic racing cars, classic cars, trucks, buses and event a couple of tanks. Strolling around the classic car clubs, Steve quickly ran out of business cards, just chatting to the owners of some iconic machinery, some of which we've need in our workshops for classic car exhausts in the past.

Steve's now full of enthusiasm to return to competing once again, of course, as he always is when you wave race and rally cars in front of him. We weren't there to bang the Exhaust A Fix drum, more to soak up some sunshine and eat ice cream, but next year, we might just have to make our visit a more official one. We've worked on most of the genres of vehicle on display at Croft across the years, though we don't think we've ever tried to put a World War Two tank on our workshop lift yet...


Images via Neill Watson

"I Want It To Sound Like It Looks"

This was the instruction from the owner of this big Dodge Hemi pickup we saw recently. The original exhaust was looking very worn indeed, so we fabricated a completely new three inch diameter stainless steel system from the catalytic converter backover, finishing with a neat polished tailpipe on a side outlet to the rear quarter.

There's no denying it certainly sounded the part, with the minimum of stainless steel exhaust boxes to keep things legal, but make the most of that big American V8 Muscle Car engine. Perhaps we should have recorded some sounds of this one..




Exhaust Repair Putty

Repairing Your Car Exhaust With Paste? We Don't Recommend It.

Car exhaust repair paste has been around for many decades and indeed, it's the first thing that comes to mind for anyone who's noticed that tell-tale blowing sound and hasn't budgeted for a new exhaust system this month. Perhaps it's just a small hole? Maybe if I use some exhaust paste, I'll get another month or so out of it? After all, it's only a few pounds from a motor factor, they all stock that little tub of grey sticky paste.

Sadly, it's a substance which is the bane of our lives when customers come to us for a budget exhaust repair. Exhaust repair paste is, quite literally, papering over the cracks. By the time you hear the exhaust blowing, it's too late. Exhausts fail from the inside, outwards. So whatever you're seeing on the surface, there's much worse out of sight. And the problem with repair paste is that we cannot weld new sections to it, so what could have been a budget exhaust repair to keep you going until you can afford a new exhaust becomes much more difficult and more costly.

The only effective way to repair an exhaust system if you're on a budget is for us to cut out the rusted section until we're seeing solid metal. Only then can we fabricate and weld an effective repair that will keep you going until you can afford a new system. Exhaust paste lasts a few days, if that. And while our warranty on exhaust 'salvage' repairs is limited, it's an awful lot better than lying beneath your car and burning your fingers trying to push sticky paste into a rusty hole.

Toyota MR2 Turbo Screamer Pipe

What's a screamer pipe? you may be asking. Well read this Wiki article for full details of how a screamer pipe helps a turbocharged engine. Here's one we fabricated from stainless steel and fitted to the engine of a Toyota MR2 Turbo recently. We see quite a few Japanese grey import cars in our workshops, as they nearly all have different engines to the UK specification cars, if indeed they were ever available at all. So this screamer system was a simple modification for us to undertake for the owner.


Lexus Exhaust Repairs

We've noticed a rather odd trend with Lexus exhaust systems over the last few months. The standard systems are of very good quality, but nothing lasts forever, of course. We've had several Lexus models in for exhaust repairs recently with the same common theme, including this Lexus IS200. The actual exhaust silencer boxes are in good condition, with plenty of life left. But the pipework and surrounding brackets are deteriorating, letting the exhaust start to blow and come lose from it's mountings.


A very cost effective exhaust repair for this is simply to retain the good silencers and replace all of the corroded pipework and hanger brackets. This IS200 was repaired extremely cheaply by removing the section of pipe from the middle box to the rear silencer and replacing the pipe with stainless steel. If you have a Lexus exhaust that is starting to fail, get in touch for a free inspection at our workshops, it might just save you quite a lot of money.


SEAT Ibiza Cupra Stainless Steel Custom Exhaust

This owner was on a bit of a budget, so we created a tight fitting system and deleted the centre silencer box to keep the costs down. Slightly louder than standard, but still perfectly acceptable for road use, he's really pleased with the fit of the custom made system



Packard Super Eight Stainless Steel Exhaust

The chances are that on your wedding day, you probably have other things on your mind than the wedding car's exhaust system. GW Holmes wedding car specialists brought their lovely old 1939 Packard limousine to us recently for a new exhaust system. We created a complete stainless steel system with a discrete, downward curved tailpipe exit to be sure of not getting soot on the brides new dress. Created from scratch, Martin manufacturer custom exhaust hangers and crafted the full system to replicate the original. You can see more details of the old Packard on GW Holmes' website here. Martin shot some images of the new system, probably the most unusual pictures you'll ever see of a wedding car!.

More details on this lovely Packard on the wedding car website here