Mazda RX8 Tail Pipe Treatment

Sometimes, there's nothing wrong with the exhausts we see in our workshops. The owner of this immaculate Mazda RX8 called in to see if there was anything we could to with the tailpipes for his car. His thoughts were that the standard ones looked a little boring and that he fancied a change. It was a pretty inexpensive job to swap out the manufacturers end pipes and graft in a pair of new ones that the owner had chosen from our stock.

If you'd like to change toe look of your exhaust system but there's nothing wrong with your existing system, call in and take a look at the range of tailpipes we have and give the rear of your car a fresh face. It's a fast and easy to do modification for us, so it won't cost the earth either.



Classic Wolseley Exhaust Replacement

In amongst all of the day to day exhaust repairs we encounter each week, this classic wedding car stood out in our workshops. The existing exhaust had served the owner well, but as the before and after pictures show, it was time for a replacement. We created a full system in stainless steel from the exhaust headers all the way to the end of the tailpipe. Using stainless steel should ensure a long life exhaust that will keep this Wolesley on the road for many years to come.




Honda Civic Aerodeck Complete Stainless Steel Exhaust

We've had a rush of stainless steel exhaust systems to build this past week, here's another custom made stainless steel exhaust system, this time built to the customer's specification. The car needed a new system and the owner decided that a stainless steel replacement exhaust was the best thing. He requested an exhaust with a bit more tone to it, but not too loud. The system Martin created in our workshops was still silenced, but ran without a centre box, giving exactly the sound the owner wanted, as well as a long lasting stainless steel exhaust system.

Vauxhall Zafira Stainless Steel replacement Exhaust

The owner of this Vauxhall Zafira needed a new exhaust system and decided to invest in a full stainless steel system from the catalyst backover. The new system replicated the original Vauxhall system but is custom built in stainless steel, so will last far longer than the original

stainless steel exhaust system north east exhausts

Audi TT Stainless Steel Duplex Exhaust

Last week, we had this very clean Audi TT in our workshop for a custom exhaust system. Custom built to the owner's specification, the system was created by Martin using stainless steel from the catalyst rearwards, dividing into a duplex system with twin outlets. The customer supplied and fitted the revised rear valance and we built the exhaust system to fit. The request was for an exhaust not too noisy, just a nice tone, so that's what we created for him.

BMW 330D Twin Exhaust - Read About It

It's always very pleasing when we hear that our customoers are pleased with our work on their cars. Sometimes, it's a thank you call, other times it's a freindly comment on the pages of our website here. Other times, we're talked about on car web forums. Here's a discussion thread over on the excellent E90 BMW Forum that discusses some work we did on a very clean BMW 330D recently.

We fitted a twin outlet rear system, with tail pipes really close and tight fitting to the rear bumper, making it look like a factory fit twin outlet exhaust system. We were quite pleased with the results and it looks like the owner was too.


stainless steel tvr exhaust system

TVR S2 Stainless Steel Exhaust

We don't seem to see many TVR's on the roads these days, which we think is a shame. At the end of last year, we had a TVR S2 into our workshops for a full stainless steel exhaust system. We were able to replicate the original look and layout of the TVR system, including the upwardly swept rear tailpipes, creating a completely new exhaust system in stainless steel for the TVR's owner. TVR's always sound great, this one sounds even better now.

Stainless steel exhaust system for a TVR
Stainless steel exhaust system for a TVR

Hayabusa Engined Mini custom made exhaust system

Hayabusa Mini Custom Exhaust

Whenever we have an unusual car in our workshop, we always try and take a picture, both as a record for ourselves and also to share with you. We've been gathering a bit of a backlog recently, so here's an unusual car we saw at the end of last year.

This custom Mini has had the A Series engine removed and a Hayabusa motorcycle engine transplanted in it's place. The keen eyed amongst you will also spot that it's no longer front wheel drive, that's a differential casing you can see sitting under the tail. We created a complete, bespoke, exhaust system for the car's owner, from the exhaust ports all the way to the tailpipe exit, creating pretty much everything from scratch using our Pearson pipe bender, plasma cutters and welding / fabrication skills. The new system sounded great and we loved it. So the next time you hear a high performance motorcycle engine coming, but can't see any bike, just look out for this Mini, it could be the culprit!

Replace your failed catalytic converter in a cost effective way

Why We Say, "Bring It Down"

"Please Can You Bring It Down To Our Workshop?"

It's a conversation we have quite a lot, either by email or over the phone. The natural question for anyone with a broken exhaust or tyres that may need replacing, is "How much is this going to cost me?"

Of course, it's a natural worry. Exhaust replacements are nearly always a cost that wasn't budgeted for. After all, you don't often look beneath your own car and exhausts can fail with little warning. So a significant additional cost that you really weren't planning for can be a problem. Whilst we can sometimes quote for an exhaust over the phone, we'd far rather you were able to bring the car to our workshops. Here's why.

We're not your average run-of-the-mill fast fit exhaust centre. If required, our technicians can create an entire exhaust system from scratch. What this means to you is that often, we're able to recycle the parts of your exhaust system that are still in good shape, while replacing the components that are worn out. If you read some of the comments left by customers on our Exhaust Repairs section (scroll down the page), you'll see how we can often replace a single aspect of an exhaust and continue using the rest. This is because many modern car exhaust systems are one continuous part, from your engine all the way to your rear bumper. If a part of it wears out, you'll be quoted for an entire system everywhere you go. Our technicians don't need to do that. We can very effectively replace just the worn parts, give you advice on how long the rest of the exhaust will last and when you'll need to budget for any other work.

So if you call or email us with your exhaust problems, please don't be concerned of we say, 'Bring It Down" It's not that we're trying to tempt you down and then sell you something you don't really want, it's because we might be able to save you a lot of money.

This little Flexi Pipe costs just a few pounds and can save your exhaust
This little Flexi Pipe is only a small component, but it can save your exhaust

Vauxhall Astra Stainless Steel Exhaust

Vauxhall Astra stainless steel exhaustHere's an interesting exhaust request we worked on just recently. The owner of this Vauxhall Astra Turbo had a failed 'flexi-pipe' section. Either side of this, the exhaust was in good condition, so we were able to re-use that and graft in a new flexi-pipe. Further back, we replaced the rusted exhaustwith a stainless steel rear section, finished off with a brand new tail pipe selected by the customer. These pictures show you the full system finished.

By fitting this system, the owner saved a considerable amount over a full exhaust from a main dealer or a standard fast fit system, plus it's now stainless steel and will last much longer. The custom exhaust tip is a nice detail touch that the owner decided upon.

Flexi pipe repair for Vauxhall Astra Turbo
Flexi pipe repair for Vauxhall Astra Turbo
Stainless steel exhaust system for Vauxhall Astra Turbo
Stainless steel exhaust system for Vauxhall Astra Turbo