We Now Fit Tyres Too!

Many times, we'll see a vehicle in our workshops in need of some new tyres. As a matter of courtesy, we've often pointed out potentially dangerous tyres to owners when we're fitting exhausts. Until now, we've simply suggested other tyre fitting workshops to try when we're asked the best place to buy new tyres in Darlington.

But this spring, we had a rethink and decided to invest in the equipment needed to professionally fit tyres and take on an additional member of staff with the expertise required to advise our customers and with the skills to securely fit and balance new tyres. Of course, we're doing it because we can see a gap in the market locally and we think that offering an honest view and expert advice in tyre fitting in the same way we do with exhausts will prove popualr with our customers.

Additionally, we're hoping to save you time and additional journeys by being able to fit new tyres at a competitive price at the same time as we're fixing your worn out exhaust system. We'll be expanding our range of tyres we keep in stock as we build this side of our business, so in future, feel free to drop us a line to talk about tyres as well as exhaust systems.

1964 Ford Capri Exhaust System

Classic Ford Capri exhaust system. We manufactured and fitted mild steel system excluding manifold. We also fitted mild steel flange to manifold to suit system. This type of work comes with a 12 month guarantee.

Ford Capri Exhaust
Ford Capri 1964

Grey Import Honda CRX Exhaust

Here's some images of a Hionda CRX grey import. We salvaged and repaired the back box pipe work, the silencer was in good condition and is not available to buy off the shelf. We also manufactured and fitted a stainless steel front pipe, again because you cannot buy Honda grey import exhaust parts off the shelf.

Honda CRX
Honda import exhaust

1938 Riley Kestrel Classic Car Exhaust System

This 1938 Riley Kestrel had a new system manufactured and fitted in house made from stainless steel system excluding manifold & front pipe. We fitted stainless steel flange to manifold to suit system. The customer asked for a system that would last a long time, with our stainless steel systems we offer a lifetime guarantee as long as customer owns vehicle.

Riley Kestrel Exhaust
Classic Car Exhaust Sytems

Porsche 924 Custom Made Exhaust System

The Porsche 924 is still a very popular modern classic. We manufactured and fitted new 2¼” s/steel mid & rear sections to this one, including a new centre box.

Porsche 923 Exhaust

Custom Made Porsche 924 Exhaust

Suzuki Vitara Exhaust Repair

This Suzuki Vitara needed an exhaust repair. We removed corroded flanges and replaced with new braided flexi pipe, allowing movement between the two sections. The cost effective alternative to replacing one, if not both catalytic converters.

Exhaust repair to a Suzukii Vitara

Audi A6 Custom Made Exhaust System

This is a quick shot of a pair of universal catalytic converters we fitted to an Audi A6 V6. Non-type approved cats fitted as car was manufactured before 2001.

Audi A6 Exhaust system

Vauxhall Vectra Stainless Steel Exhaust

This Vectra “B” has a 2 ¼” stainless steel mid & rear with a resonated centre section requested by the owner to change the exhaust tone.
We give a lifetime warranty given whilst customer owns the vehicle.

Vauxhall Vectra Replacement exhaust
Detail of Vauxhall Vectra stainless steel exhaust

Stainless steel exhaust full system for Vectra

Mini Cooper Custom Exhaust System

The owner of this Mini Cooper came to us wanting a new system. We created a bespoke rear system in stainless steel, complete with a centre outlet at the rear.

Our new premises

Exhaust A Fix premises in Darlington
After a very hectic Christmas period, when we were busy moving to our new premises on Neasham Road in Darlington at the same time as continuing to serve our customers at our old premises, we've finally managed to get settled into our new workshop. Based just to the rear of the main Darlington railway station and just a short walk into Darlington town centre, our new premises have much greater storage space, enabling us to carry a far greater range of exhausts to serve our customers more quickly than ever. We're also carrying more exhaust components for motoring enthusiasts and DIY experts to fabricate their own exhaust systems for unusual cars.