RX8 Stainless Exhaust Full System

Here's a lovely Mazda RX8 we had in the workshop recently for a full stainless steel system.

Mazda RX8 stainless steel exhaust system
Mazda RX8 stainless steel exhaust system

The genuine Mazda system, as you might imagine, is very, very expensive, so though a full bespoke stainless steel exhaust wasn't cheap, it was still significantly less than the orginal manufacturer part and will have much greater longevity.

A nice by-product is the lovely sound the stainless sytem made, while remaining completely road legal.

Ford Cougar Stainless Steel Duplex System

cougar1Just the other day, we had a really nice Ford Cougar in the workshops for a full system. The end result you see here is a full stainless steel duplex system which we're pretty proud of.
It's difficult to see in the pixtures, but one of the tricky things about twin tip tailpipes is getting the 'stagger' right. Most cars these days have very rounded rears and if you simply fit standard twin tailpipes, they look awful. Ours are always staggered and follow the curve of the car around the bumper corner. We'll try and find a better picture for you next time we make one.

Vito Stainless Steel Duplex Exhaust

vito1Following on this week on bespoke exhausts, we've discovered a really interesting thing if you're a Mercedes Vito van owner in need of a new exhaust. If you have a rear wheel drive Vito van and the exhaust needs replacing, why not consider this?
Last week, we fitted a complete replacement stainless steel exhaust system to a rear wheel drive Vito for significantly less than the cost of an original Mercedes system. Not only that, but the owner asked us the create this neat looking duplex system for the rear end treatmentto smarten up his van. If you've been dismayed by the cost of a replacement exhaust, give us a try. You'll be surprised just how cost effective a stainless steel exhaust system can be.

Skyline 3 Inch Custom Exhaust System

skylineWe took these quick shots of a great looking Skyline we had through the workshop just last week. The owner was wanting a bespoke 3" exhaust system. Unhappy with what he'd seen off the shelf, he wanted his own system creating to his spec.
A quick chat over the pricing and feasability and he left it with us while we created the full stainless steel system you see here. While these systems are never cheap, he got exactly the exhaust he wanted, made from stainless steeel and sounding just right too. We can't quote for stuff like this over the telephone or by email, but by all means call for an appointment or call by if you're in the area and we'll price up a custom exhaust system for your car while you wait.

The New Website Goes Live

Our new website is going live this week. Please bear with us as we upload content, check it and generally change everything around so this it's all working OK. This may mean that some pages you need may come and go, so if there's some information you need that seems to have dissappeared, please give us a call on our office number in Darlington on 01325 362271.

The new website will be easier to navigate, easier for us to update and keep current, pl;us it's going to have these great latest news pages that let us post information about new products, happenings in our workshop and sometimes pictures of some of the unusual cars we see.