Classic car exhaust systems come in all shapes and sizes. Many classic cars still have thriving industry of support services, with companies able to supply all manner of parts. Sometimes though, the parts can be hard to come by or are very expensive. This classic American Ford Edsel was with us recently for some classic car exhaust system fabrication work.


The owner wanted to keep his exhaust in top condition without spending a vast amount of money. We inspected the old system and found that in fact, the exhaust silencers were in pretty good shape, but it was the associated pipework and brackets that were letting the side down. This is a surprisingly common characteristic that we’ve written about before on other cars such as Lexus.

Our workshop head and fabrication specialist Martin created a completely new system of pipework, while still retaining the existing silencer parts. He was able to re-use the silencers and then using our Pearson pipe bender, specialist plasma cutting equipment and his talented welding skills, he was able to transform the old exhaust into a system that will keep the Edsel on the road for some time to come.

Many people worry about the cost of exhaust repairs for classic car exhaust systems, but we find we’re often able to help keep these old classics going in a post effective way.