Bespoke Exhausts

Custom Made Exhaust Systems
We are the only exhaust specialist in this area fully equipped to create a system for your car from scratch. Using specialist pipe bending equipment and metal fabrication skills, we can manufacture a one-off system no matter what type of vehicle you have.

However, you don’t need to own an unusual car to benefit from our services. Some manufacturers original equipment systems are very expensive and we’re often able to manufacture a complete stainless steel exhausts system, fully guaraunteed, for many standard cars.

Many owners of rare and unusual cars keep trying to repair old exhausts in the belief that a replacement will require large sums of money. That’s often false economy and drivers are often pleasantly surprised at how cost effective a new system can be.

Owners of customised and modified cars use us to help personalise their vehicles, take a look at our latest news pages for some of the cars and vans we’ve been working on recently.

Warranty and Workmanship

All our systems are fully guaranteed. Our stainless steel systems are guaranteed for the lifetime of your ownership of the car. Mild steel exhausts carry a two year warranty, not including any ‘salvage’ repairs to any existing exhaust system we may work on.

How Can we Help You With Your Exhaust Problem?

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