At Exhaust A Fix in Darlington, we have a wide range of tyres available to keep your car safe on the roads. Enter your car registration number into our pricing calculator and see a wide range of tyre options, from budget priced tyres to premium brands. You can order your new tyres online and pay when fitted in our Darlington tyre and exhaust workshops.

We recommend that you inspect your tyres regularly at least once each month and keep tyres pressures correctly inflated. If you’re not sure how to check your tyres, we offer a free tyre safety check, just call into our workshops in Darlington and our technicians will check your tyres while you wait. Our dedicated online tyre ordering website is perfect for pricing and ordering tyres online for fitting in Darlington.

Why and When to Replace Your Tyres

Your tyres will legally need to be replaced if the tyre has less than 1.6mm across the central 75% of the tread, drive with tyres below this limit and you could receive 3 penalty points and a heavy fine (per tyre). However, there are other things that may mean your tyre needs to be replaced, here are some of the essential things you should check at least once each month:

Uneven tyre wear – check that your tyres are wearing evenly across the entire width of the tread surface. If your tyre begins to show uneven wear, get expert advice sooner rather than later. It may be something as simple as incorrect tyre pressures, or if your tyre is showing wear along one edge, it could mean your suspension alignment needs to be checked, perhaps after a scuff against a kerb. Badly aligned suspension geometry can wear out a tyre in as little as a month if not noticed in time.

Cracks – cars left in storage or driven infrequently can develop cracks in the tyres. All tyres deteriorate over time and vehicles left parked for long periods are susceptible to cracks in the sidewall. Just because a tyre has plenty of tread left, it doesn’t mean it’s still good to be used.

Slow punctures – often slow punctures develop over time and can go un-noticed until they become a serious failure. Just glancing at your tyres is not the best way to check. Just because it isn’t ‘flat at the bottom’ does not mean that the pressure is OK. Check your pressures regularly with a tyre pressure gauge. A 10 psi drop in pressure will not always be apparent at a casual glance and a slow puncture is a symptom of something more serious, such as a nail in the tyre, a leaking valve or a corroding alloy wheel.

Bulges and sidewall damage – check your tyres on both the outside and the inside faces for damage to the sidewalls. If you’ve accidentally hit a kerb, check your tyres right away for bulges, bumps or tears. This sort of damage could result in a sudden failure and trigger an accident.

If you don’t feel confident in checking your tyres, we offer a free inspection service to anyone calling into our workshops. We would far rather spend a few minutes checking your tyres for you every month or so than hear of your misfortune later.

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