Tyre Ordering FAQ – How to Order Your Tyres Online

As independent Darlington tyre specialists, we hope that this will help you take the hassle out of choosing tyres to fit at our workshops in Darlington. Our online tyre pricing and booking system is easy to use, simply enter your vehicle registration number and instantly see a range of tyre prices and options for your vehicle. Then book your preferred date and time and our Darlington facility to have them fitted. You don’t need to pay online, simply pay when they’re fitted.
If you have any concerns about the booking process then please check the frequently asked questions below to find a relevant answer or contact us on 01325 362271.

Q. I’ve entered my vehicle registration number and the tyre size shown is not the one fitted to my vehicle?

A. Our tyre size data is provided by matching DVLA data to tyre size data from the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) to identify the tyres fitted to your vehicle as original equipment. Sometimes cars are fitted with upgraded wheels/tyres so we recommend that you always take a moment to double-check the tyre size actually fitted to your car before making a booking.

Q. I’ve entered my vehicle registration number and my car doesn’t come up?

A. Double check that you’ve entered the correct details e.g. entering letter O in place of a zero is a common mistake. Whilst we do have data for many Light Commercial Vehicles we can’t always guarantee this. We do not currently offer motorcycle tyres, but there are other specialist fitting centres that can. Don’t forget, if you have recently transferred a personalised number plate it can take the DVLA a few weeks to update their database.
If your vehicle’s details are substantially incorrect you should contact the DVLA.
If your tyre size is different to the original fit when new, simply enter your tyre size e.g. 205 55 16 and speed rating for a full list of available tyres.

Q. I’m not sure how to read my tyre size from my tyre?

A. Please see the diagram below or if you have any further questions, please call us on 01325 362271 or drop in to our workshops in Darlington for a free checkover and chat to our staff.

tyre size diagram for Darlington tyres

Q. Oops! I’ve ordered the wrong tyre size by mistake what do I do?

A. If you are concerned about this you should contact us as soon as possible on 01325 362271.We will always do our best to help. While it is your responsibility to check that the tyre size you have selected for fitting to your vehicle is correct, if we have to order different tyre sizes for you, there’s no extra charge. The system simply tries to save you time by searching for the original factory fitted tyre size.
If you forget what tyre you’ve booked you can always check your confirmation email or call us on 01325 362271 and we’ll quickly check our records for your booking details. If we need to order a different size, there may be a slight delay as we secure them for you.

Q. Do the prices quoted include fitting?

A. Yes, our prices are for fully fitted tyres at our Darlington workshop. This includes a new valve, wheel balancing and casing disposal of your old tyres.

Q. I’ve made a booking for fitting, but have not received an e-mail confirmation?

A.First, please check that your spam filter hasn’t caught the email. Then you can always contact us on 01325 362271 and we will e-mail a copy of your confirmation to you.

Q. Can I amend my booking?

No problem. If you want to amend your booking please notify us as soon as possible by telephone on 01325 362271.

Q. Can I get my tyres fitted earlier?

A. Yes, sometimes that’s possible. We always try to offer a fast and responsive service, which is why we have developed this on line booking system. It checks availability and automatically triggers an express delivery of your tyres if we don’t have them on the shelves in Darlington. If you require a fitting date sooner than the dates offered on the site, call on 01325 362271 and we’ll do our best to bring your booking date forward if stock is available.

Q. When do I pay for my tyres?

A. This website allows you to select tyres for your vehicle and then book a convenient time for fitting in Darlington. You pay for your tyres after we’ve fitted them, just as if you’d called in as normal. The benefit of pre-booking your tyres is that you know they’ll be ready and waiting for you at our workshops.

Q. Can I get additional work, such as wheel alignment, when I get my tyres fitted?

A. Yes. You’ve probably guessed by our name that we’re one of Darlington’s leading exhaust fitting and repair centres with unique skills to help you save money on exhaust repairs and fast fit replacement exhausts. We can check your exhaust system for you and offer advice on budgeting for any future expenses. We’ll never sell you something you didn’t need.

If you have any other tyre related questions, feel free to call our Darlington tyre workshops or call by to chat to our staff.