Our online parts and accessories catalogue shows a huge range ProFlow exhaust components. Made from quality 304 Stainless Steel, we use these components in our own workshops to create bespoke exhausts for our customers. Additionally, we supply our trade customers within the motor industry with the same quality components.

Our performance silencers have twisted internal baffles, giving more performance and lower emissions

Performance Silencers

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We carry a wide range of exhaust accessories in stock, including components such as mandrel bend pipe sections, 100 cell and 200 cell sport cats, flexi pipe sections and most of the fittings you will need to construct a custom exhaust yourself.

Exhaust Accessories

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Our range of tailpipes covers a great many combinations of left and right hand exits, square and round sections and staggered oval sections. Combine these with out other components or simply add them to your existing exhaust for a professional finish


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