Emergency Exhaust Repairs

Exhaust systems always seem to fail at the most awkward of moments. While many of the running costs of your car can be budgeted for, the exhaust system can sometimes fail suddenly. Of you course, that means and unplanned expense. For those drivers on a tight budget, our Exhaust Salvage Repair Service can keep you on the road until you’ve saved up for more robust exhaust repairs.

These salvage repairs are undertaken by our team to simply provide a temporary solution that can give you the breathing space you need to save up for a new exhaust system. We use our fabrication skills to create a temporary repair whenever possible that will help you save up for the new exhaust and also keep your exhaust safe and legal.

Obviously, the effectiveness of this service really depends upon the state of your exhaust system and we can’t help on every occasion. Sometimes they’re just too far gone. But if you have a sudden exhaust failure and you need time to budget for a new system, call us on 01325 362271 to see how we might be able to help you.