Flexi Pipe Repairs

Flexi pipe exhaust repairs are probably one of the most cost effective exhaust repairs we undertake here in Darlington. Many people are unaware that a snapped flexi pipe does not mean an expensive exhaust replacement, we have a very cost effective exhaust flexi pipe repair system.

If you want to know more about your exhaust’s flexi pipe and why they fail, here are some frequently asked questions about them and how we repair them to keep you on the road

Q. What’s a flexi-pipe? It’s a short piece of pipe made from reinforced, braided material that is designed, as the name suggests, to flex. It’s situated quite close to the engine and sometimes can be difficult to see.

This is a flexi pioe, an important part of your car's exhaust system
This is a flexi pioe, an important part of your car’s exhaust system

Q. Why do I need to have a flexi pipe? Because when your engine is running it vibrates and rocks back and forth. This is perfectly fine, your engine is mounted on rubber blocks called Engine Mounts that mean you never feel this when you’re driving. The flexi pipe is designed to insulate your exhaust from this movement. If it wasn’t there, your engine’s small movements would simply snap your exhaust after a short time. So most modern cars have flexi pipes.

Q. How do I know if it’s broken? You can’t always tell simply by a quick glance. You’ll hear a noise just like a blowing exhaust system when you sit with the engine running and the car door open. If this noise is coming from the front, close to your feet, there’s a good chance your exhaust flexi pipe may have failed. If you can hear that sound, there’s certainly something wrong somewhere, so call in to our workshops and we’ll check it for free for you.

Q. Why does my flexi pipe fail? The fail for different reasons. Sometimes, they simply corrode away. The combination of corrosion and constant, small movements causes them to snap. Other times, they can be damaged by speed humps in the road.

Q. Why has my main dealer told me it’s so expensive to fix? It’s not their fault. Nearly all modern car exhausts for more than ten years now have had the flexi pipe as part of the main exhaust system and not a separate component. so when a flexi pipe fails, main dealers and even fast fit exhaust centres are only able to offer to replace the exhaust. In some cars today, the exhaust isn’t even modular any more. In the quest for cost saving, some are a single system, all the way from the engine to the tail pipe. Whatever system you have, it means that you’re replacing large parts of a perfectly healthy exhaust system, which is both wasteful and extremely expensive.

An old, failed flexi pipe alongside a new one, ready for fitting
An old, failed flexi pipe alongside a new one, ready for fitting

Q. So, what do you do to repair exhaust flexi pipes? Our solution is common sense and cost effective. We remove the broken flexi and replace it with a new component. We do this by using Plasma Cutting equipment to create a clean cut around the broken flexi pipe. This is removed and we replace it using welding skills. We have a large stock of specialist flexi pipe components ready for this purpose, so can always match up your car’s system. This means that your perfectly healthy exhaust system isn’t simply thrown away and the cost is always a fraction of an off the shelf replacement.

New flexi pipe, welded in place while retaining the rest of the healthy exhaust system
New flexi pipe, welded in place while retaining the rest of the healthy exhaust system

Q. Why can’t my dealer do this? Simply because main dealers and fast fit exhaust shops do not have the specialist fabrication skills, or the specialist equipment to undertake these repairs. It takes skill and practise to repair exhaust flexi pipes and make a repair that will be safe and long lasting. Our Jaguar XF exhaust flexi pipe repair programme brings drivers from literally across the UK, simply because it’s vastly cheaper than the alternative of replacing a Jaguar exhaust.

A broken exhaust flexi pipe doesn’t have to mean a big exhaust repair bill. If you’ve been told that your car exhaust flexi pipe has failed, or you think you may have that problem, get in touch and we’ll find the most cost effective way to keep you safe and on the road.

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