Catalytic Converters

Replace your failed catalytic converter in a cost effective way
Replacement catalytic converters in a cost effective way
The thought of paying for a replacement converter scares most people. Materials such as ceramic and platinum are both coinsidered to be very expensive materials. However, catalytic converters have been used in the USA since 1975 and in the UK since 1987, so as production volume increases, prices have come down and today replacing a catalytic converter is a routine job.

Late model cars often have catalytic converters integral to the exhaust and not as a separate part.This means that when it fails, the manufacturer will recommend that a complete system is needed. We can remove the failed catalyst and graft in new parts without the expense and waste of replacing a perfectly good exhaust system.

Why Did My Catalyic Converter Fail?

Several things can cause a catalytic converter to fail. There is almost always a secondary problem with your car that will end up breaking the catalyst. The cat itself has no moving parts, so should last a long time, but here are some of the leading issues and things you should check to see why it’s happened:

  • Accidentally using fuels containing lead used to be the single leading cause of converters failing due to contamination, though putting diesel in a petrol engine can also do a very good job too.
  • A misfiring spark plug or bad wire can cause a converter to overheat and melt down.
  • A defective oxygen sensor, or indeed any engine sensor that controls the amount of fuel going into the engine can cause failure.
  • The Great British Speed Bump – Impact damage from these blighters can shatter the internal structure.
  • Deep puddles – driving through deep water can shock-cool the casing, making the metal contract faster than the internal ceramic, causing crush damage.
  • Bump starting can allow unburnt fuel through the engine into the cat, causing it to overheat.
  • Poor maintainance. Afraid so. A badly maintained engine means that the cat gets all the soot, unburnt fuel, oil smoke and anything else your engine throws out.

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