Jaguar XF Diesel and XJ Diesel Exhaust Repairs

The latest generation of Jaguar diesels are very smooth, efficient and frugal. However, we have noticed a trend developing in our workshops of a regular aspect of the Jaguar XF Diesel and XJ Diesel exhausts that requires attention. If you own a Jaguar XF Turbo Diesel or XJ Turbo Diesel, you may have noticed the same problem or perhaps your dealer has warned you that this has happened. We have developed a cost effective fix for broken Jaguar turbo diesel exhausts. Read on for more details.

Jaguar XF and XJ Diesel Exhaust Failure Symptoms and Solutions

I think my car may have this problem, how do I tell? From outside the car, you will hear the exhuast making additional noise from beneath the engine area and from inside you may notice the smell of exhaust fumes.

Is this a major problem for my Jaguar? It’s potentially expensive. Left unchecked, the failure can develop and also damage the nearby wiring harness with the hot exhaust gasses escaping. We’re noticing that this typically occurs between 50,000 and 80,000 miles.

What exactly has broken? The issue is a fracture of the exhaust flexi joint at the point where it exits the catalytic converters. Over time, engine vibrations cause a failure which may not be noticeable from inside the car right away. You can read more about car exhaust flexi pipes and repairs on this special guide.

Why is my Jaguar dealing quoting me so much money to fix it? The Jaguar main dealer fix is to replace one or both catalytic converters, which is a very expensive process. Additionally, this means discarding and wasting perfectly useful parts of your exhaust system that still have many years of life left.

What can you do to fix it? We have developed a quality repair to the system without replacing the converters, which can be carried out within a day in our workshops. The typical cost ranges between £450 and £650 depending upon the exact configuration. Our specialist metal fabrication skills mean that we can effect a very neat and professional repair that will be long lasting and cost effective.

If you have this issue with your Jaguar XF or XJ diesel car, we can help, simply call our main telephone number on 01325 362271. We offer a free inspection of your car and if the issue is diagnosed, we can arrange a quick and effective repair.

Jaguar XF and XJ Diesel exhaust repairs
Jaguar XFD and XJ Diesel exhaust repairs

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