Failure Is Not An Option, as they like to say in those American movies. And indeed, when it comes to your catalytic converter, your car will feel positively ill should the catalytic converter fail. There two images show the result of a failed catalytic converter, with the casing cut away to reveal the interior detail.

This image shows how the internals have failed and then disintegrated. The net effect is that it blocks your exhaust system as effectively as the old fashioned potato up the exhaust pipe. As you can see, there’s no way your car can breathe out through that.

Example of catalytic converter failure

This second image shows the undamaged end of the catalytic converter. This thin network of long pipes is how a healthy catalytic converter should look.


Failures like this used to be very expensive, but we are able to replace failed catalytic converters far more cost effectively these days. This page gives more information on catalytic converters and some of the typical reasons for failure.

If you think you may have this problem, drop us a line. It costs you nothing to have it checked out in our workshop.