Exhaust Repair PuttyWe often see exhaust repair putty on old exhausts in our workshop. As we repair and remove rusty exhaust components, we come across the remains of failed attempts to prevent the inevitable blown exhaust. So why does exhaust repair putty not work and why would you be wasting your time trying it?

The main reason why is quite simple. Exhausts nearly always fail from the inside out. That is, they start collecting condensation and corrosion from the inside. By the time you see the outside signs, your exhaust system is actually quite bad on the inside. So trying to push exhaust repair putty into the small blowing hole is quite literally like papering over the cracks. The root cause of your problem is still there, you’re just hiding it from sight for a short while. All too often, within a few days you’ll begin to hear it once more. And the next pay day is still a few weeks away….

If you have this problem, take a look at our Exhaust Repair page. We often find that it’s only a small part of the exhaust that is actually failing. Many times, more than 90% of it is still perfectly fine. For our customers on a budget who need to keep costs to a minimum, we are able to use our skills and advanced cutting technology to remove just the failed part, then graft in a fresh replacement.

Exhaust repair putty can be false economy, have your exhaust repaired properly

Our state of the art Plamsa Cutters make a clean cut around the corroded exhaust, leaving us with clean metal. Then we use advanced cutting, shaping and welding equipment to craft a replacement part, leaving your exhaust quiet and strong. While we can’t give the several years guarantee to such repairs, we can generally help keep away that bill for a new exhaust for a few months and give you time to save up and be prepared for it when the time comes for a new system.

If you’re worried that your exhaust may be about to fail, give us a call on 01325 362271 and ask for some help with a free exhaust inspection. We’ll tell you right away what we can do to help.