“Please Can You Bring It Down To Our Workshop?”

It’s a conversation we have quite a lot, either by email or over the phone. The natural question for anyone with a broken exhaust or tyres that may need replacing, is “How much is this going to cost me?”

Of course, it’s a natural worry. Exhaust replacements are nearly always a cost that wasn’t budgeted for. After all, you don’t often look beneath your own car and exhausts can fail with little warning. So a significant additional cost that you really weren’t planning for can be a problem. Whilst we can sometimes quote for an exhaust over the phone, we’d far rather you were able to bring the car to our workshops. Here’s why.

We’re not your average run-of-the-mill fast fit exhaust centre. If required, our technicians can create an entire exhaust system from scratch. What this means to you is that often, we’re able to recycle the parts of your exhaust system that are still in good shape, while replacing the components that are worn out. If you read some of the comments left by customers on our Exhaust Repairs section (scroll down the page), you’ll see how we can often replace a single aspect of an exhaust and continue using the rest. This is because many modern car exhaust systems are one continuous part, from your engine all the way to your rear bumper. If a part of it wears out, you’ll be quoted for an entire system everywhere you go. Our technicians don’t need to do that. We can very effectively replace just the worn parts, give you advice on how long the rest of the exhaust will last and when you’ll need to budget for any other work.

So if you call or email us with your exhaust problems, please don’t be concerned of we say, ‘Bring It Down” It’s not that we’re trying to tempt you down and then sell you something you don’t really want, it’s because we might be able to save you a lot of money.

This little Flexi Pipe costs just a few pounds and can save your exhaust
This little Flexi Pipe is only a small component, but it can save your exhaust

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