Whenever we have an unusual car in our workshop, we always try and take a picture, both as a record for ourselves and also to share with you. We’ve been gathering a bit of a backlog recently, so here’s an unusual car we saw at the end of last year.

This custom Mini has had the A Series engine removed and a Hayabusa motorcycle engine transplanted in it’s place. The keen eyed amongst you will also spot that it’s no longer front wheel drive, that’s a differential casing you can see sitting under the tail. We created a complete, bespoke, exhaust system for the car’s owner, from the exhaust ports all the way to the tailpipe exit, creating pretty much everything from scratch using our Pearson pipe bender, plasma cutters and welding / fabrication skills. The new system sounded great and we loved it. So the next time you hear a high performance motorcycle engine coming, but can’t see any bike, just look out for this Mini, it could be the culprit!

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