We’ve noticed a rather odd trend with Lexus exhaust systems over the last few months. The standard systems are of very good quality, but nothing lasts forever, of course. We’ve had several Lexus models in for exhaust repairs recently with the same common theme, including this Lexus IS200. The actual exhaust silencer boxes are in good condition, with plenty of life left. But the pipework and surrounding brackets are deteriorating, letting the exhaust start to blow and come lose from it’s mountings.


A very cost effective exhaust repair for this is simply to retain the good silencers and replace all of the corroded pipework and hanger brackets. This IS200 was repaired extremely cheaply by removing the section of pipe from the middle box to the rear silencer and replacing the pipe with stainless steel. If you have a Lexus exhaust that is starting to fail, get in touch for a free inspection at our workshops, it might just save you quite a lot of money.