We’d be the first to acknowledge that the durable stainless steel exhausts that are standard on Lexus are probably amongst the best manufacturers exhausts. But nothing lasts forever and eventually, they need replacing. This V8 Lexus GS430 came to our workshops with parts of the system worn out. By keeping the good parts, closest to the engine, we were able to fabricate a complete system towards the read made from stainless steel. Lexus are whisper quiet, but our owner wanted to release some of that pent up aluminium V8 sound, so we created s system using just two rear silencers. The final exhaust tone was nice and fruity without being too loud. We think the owner was quite impressed with the new character of his car.

Our British made stainless steel pipework brings new life to your Lexus exhaust system
Our British made silencers bring a new tone to the previously silent V8