Car exhaust repair paste has been around for many decades and indeed, it’s the first thing that comes to mind for anyone who’s noticed that tell-tale blowing sound and hasn’t budgeted for a new exhaust system this month. Perhaps it’s just a small hole? Maybe if I use some exhaust paste, I’ll get another month or so out of it? After all, it’s only a few pounds from a motor factor, they all stock that little tub of grey sticky paste.

Sadly, it’s a substance which is the bane of our lives when customers come to us for a budget exhaust repair. Exhaust repair paste is, quite literally, papering over the cracks. By the time you hear the exhaust blowing, it’s too late. Exhausts fail from the inside, outwards. So whatever you’re seeing on the surface, there’s much worse out of sight. And the problem with repair paste is that we cannot weld new sections to it, so what could have been a budget exhaust repair to keep you going until you can afford a new exhaust becomes much more difficult and more costly.

The only effective way to repair an exhaust system if you’re on a budget is for us to cut out the rusted section until we’re seeing solid metal. Only then can we fabricate and weld an effective repair that will keep you going until you can afford a new system. Exhaust paste lasts a few days, if that. And while our warranty on exhaust ‘salvage’ repairs is limited, it’s an awful lot better than lying beneath your car and burning your fingers trying to push sticky paste into a rusty hole.