Many times, we’ll see a vehicle in our workshops in need of some new tyres. As a matter of courtesy, we’ve often pointed out potentially dangerous tyres to owners when we’re fitting exhausts. Until now, we’ve simply suggested other tyre fitting workshops to try when we’re asked the best place to buy new tyres in Darlington.

But this spring, we had a rethink and decided to invest in the equipment needed to professionally fit tyres and take on an additional member of staff with the expertise required to advise our customers and with the skills to securely fit and balance new tyres. Of course, we’re doing it because we can see a gap in the market locally and we think that offering an honest view and expert advice in tyre fitting in the same way we do with exhausts will prove popualr with our customers.

Additionally, we’re hoping to save you time and additional journeys by being able to fit new tyres at a competitive price at the same time as we’re fixing your worn out exhaust system. We’ll be expanding our range of tyres we keep in stock as we build this side of our business, so in future, feel free to drop us a line to talk about tyres as well as exhaust systems.