Lexus Exhaust Repairs

Lexus have a rock solid, global reputation for dependability. They’re long lasting, durable cars but of course, nothing lasts forever and eventually your Lexus exhaust may wear out. We often have Lexus owners calling us for help, so this guide on Lexus exhaust repairs will help you to decide if your Lexus exhaust has failed and what we can do to help.

What tends to fail on Lexus exhausts? Lexus exhaust are all stainless steel, so they’re long lasting. The Lexus exhaust repairs we undertake most frequently are nearly always to the pipework and surrounding bracketry and supports. The actual silencer boxes themselves are generally still quite good, but the pipes, hangers and mounts rot away.

How do you repair Lexus exhausts in a cost effective way? We are able to inspect your Lexus and decide which aspects of the car exhaust are beyond repair and which still have a useful life. Then we’re able to use our fabrication skills with state of the art plasma cutters to cleanly remove the rusted sections, then accurately replicate the bends and contours using our Ben Pearson pipe bending equipment. Finally, we weld in place the new sections, together with fresh brackets and rubber hanging mounts as required.

I love the quietness of my Lexus, will it still be quiet? Yes it will. Very often, the original silencers are fine and are re-used. Some cars do need the silencers replacing, so we use stainless steel silencer sections to replicate the original Lexus exhausts.

Why shouldn’t I use my local Lexus dealer? There’s absolutely no reason why not. Lexus dealers have a good reputation. However, a genuine Lexus exhaust system will always be quite an expensive outlay and as Lexus cars grow older, they’re owned by drivers who are more concerned about running costs. Our Lexus exhaust repair programme helps to contain costs by keeping the very best parts of your Lexus exhaust and only replacing the parts that are beyond help.

If you think your Lexus exhaust may be giving problems, contact us to see how we can help keep your Lexus safe and quiet.

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