Our Warranty

We’re an independent business, not part of a national chain and we pride ourself on our workmanship and reputation. A large slice of our business is through personal recommendation so here are some brief details of our warranties.

Stainless Steel Exhausts

We guarantee our stainless steel exhaust systems for the entire duration of your ownership of the car. We find that most customers investing in a complete stainless steel system are planning on keeping the car for a considerable time into the future. Our warranty gives peace of mind that you will never need to worry about the exhaust for your duration of ownership.

Mild Steel Exhausts

We guarantee our mild steel exhaust systems for two years. This included all of the parts and workmanship involved in creating and fitting the system.

Emergency Salvage Repairs

We cannot offer a warranty on salvage repairs. By their very nature they are a budget repair with the objective simply to keep you rolling until you have the funds for a new system.

How Can we Help You With Your Exhaust Problem?

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