The BMW 850i is a rare sight in the UK. Even back in the early 1990’s, they were sold in quite small numbers. With a price tag of over £100,000 even then, they were pretty expensive and also rather complex machines.BMW 850i exhaust systems like this can be hard to come by and pretty expensive, so the owner of this car asked us to create a complete stainless steel exhaust system for his V12.

BMW 850i exhaust systems

Martin created the system using the old exhaust as a rough guide, then spent pretty much a full day creating the complex curves of the twin exhaust for the BMW 850i. The owner chose new tail pipes from our range of stainless steel tailpipe styles and we fabricated the entire system for him.

While a system like this wasn’t cheap, in fact is was significantly cheaper than some mild steel exhausts he’d found, plus it cost less than the original BMW 850i exhaust system. The final element was to create a fruity exhaust tone for the big V12, Martin selected some stainless steel exhaust boxes that we knew would create the sound the owner wanted, but without becoming intrusive on long motorway journeys.

We love to see these unusual and rare cars in our workshop, with it’s new exhaust system in place and under the care of it’s owner, this modern classic will be good for many years yet.

Custom made bmw 850i exhaust systems

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