We’ve created several of these Renault Clio Sport 2.0 stainless steel exhaust systems just recently, so we thought you might like to see what the old and new systems look like. The most surprising thing is just how large the original Renault silencers are. It’s pretty remarkable that Renault manage to install such a big system under the floor of such a relatively small hatchback. The old Renault Clio exhaust you see in these pictures are the original two back boxes.

Renault Clio Exhaust

They’re actually pretty good quality, but nothing lasts for ever and the owner of this car needed a replacement stainless steel system. We removed the old rusted silencers then custom made this twin outlet system to fit the original bumper outlets. Towards the front, everything was still in good shape, so we mated the new stainless steel components to the existing exhaust.

The new system is slightly sportier in tone, but not particularly loud and as it’s stainless steel, we guarantee it for as long as the owner drives that car.

Renault Clio exhaust in stainless steel