An interesting survey on winter tyres by Falken revealed a lot about UK driver’s attitude towards winter tyres. We’re based in the centre of town, so tyres in Darlington area tend not to be winter tyres. However, several of our customers in outlying areas, such as Barnard Castle, Upper Teesdale and County Durham have purchased winter tyres from us, as they see a distinct benefit in having them fitted.

However, for may others, the cost of having a second set of wheels and tyres is prohibitive, especially when coupled to the unpredictable variety of British winter weather. An all-season tyre such as the Falken Euroall AS200 could well be the answer to customers asking about winter in our Darlington tyre workshops.

Here are some interesting facts about the Falken Euroall AS200, plus some of the facts that Falken learned from their survey

25% claim cost is too high
20% believe the weather is too mild in the UK to need them
19% say it is too much hassle to change

“The results surprised us, particularly the belief that the UK climate was sufficiently mild enough not to need cold weather tyres,” says Falken’s UK director Matt Smith. “Exacta weather is predicting a very cold winter and consumers seem to have forgotten the conditions that caused travel disruption from just three or four years ago.”

winter tyres darlington area
Falken Euroall all season tyre could be a good choice for tyres in Darlington

So for Darlington and drivers in North East England, perhaps an all-season tyre such as the Euroall AS200 could be the ideal, sensible cost-saving solution for drivers not ready to commit to winter tyres. Specifically designed to be used all year round, the Euroall AS200 tyre provides excellent balance and control, grip and longevity in all road conditions. Thanks to its hybrid construction and bespoke compound, the AS200 is capable of shorter braking distances and precise steering response even in the snow, whilst still offering grip when temperatures are over 7°C. Clever technology keeps the tyre fresh throughout the year too; the AS200 has a built-in anti-ageing mechanism in which an anti-ageing agent permeates continuously from the lower reservoir tread to the outer tread, thus protecting the running surface from ageing and aggressive environmental influences.

If you’d like advice on choosing your new tyres, feel free to call or drop by our workshops in Darlington or you can check your tyre prices online simply by entering your vehicle registration into the price checker on our website for a range of tyre prices.

You might also find this infographic from Falken very useful, it gives lots of facts about winter tyres, whether you’re a town centre Darlington driver or you live in the outlying areas.

winter tyres darlington area infographic